Fenan Industry and Trade Tips: Six Attentions to Firefighting in the Back-to-School Season

The summer vacation is coming to an end, and students studying in foreign colleges and universities are about to embark on the journey back to school. 

September 04, 2023

The summer vacation is coming to an end, and students studying in foreign colleges and universities are about to embark on the journey back to school. After a long summer vacation with their parents and friends, the vigilance of the students themselves has begun to relax. Here, the Liuzhou Fire Department reminds students returning to school from abroad to pay attention to safety on the way back to school.


1. Take good care of your belongings, and don't bury your head in playing with your mobile phone.

Most students will concentrate on playing mobile phones and computers as soon as they get on the bus. Surfing the Internet, playing games, chatting, and texting non-stop, and taking care of the items you carry, can easily create room for criminals to infringe money. Be optimistic about the items you carry, and take a look at them from time to time.


2. the location of the items should be kept in mind, and the luggage should not be too much.

 It is very inconvenient to get on and off the bus and enter and exit the station with too much luggage. It is also easy to take it by mistake and forget it; if it is placed on the luggage rack, it must be placed neatly and stably, so as not to hurt yourself and other passengers due to the vibration and slip of the train; the items should be placed in a centralized place, and do not move frequently or put them too far apart, so as not to Take care not to lose.


3. Keep valuables hidden and don't carelessly reveal your wealth.

Laptops, mobile phones, wallets and other valuables should not be exposed at will. Jewelry, watches, mobile phones, wallets, etc. should be carried with you, and should not be placed randomly, let alone pressed under pillows or seats, so as not to forget them when you get off the bus. Always check the seat or berth when you get off the bus, don't leave things behind.


4. Keep personal information confidential, and don't easily make travel friends.

Some criminals often take the opportunity to chat with classmates and make friends. After gaining a good impression, personal information such as you and your home phone number will be obtained. Subsequently, fraudulent means are used to defraud you or your family of money.


5. Pay attention to observe the condition of the vehicle, and don't ride lightly.

Especially students who take high-speed sections should choose superior state-owned fixed-point buses. As shown on the way, if the driver is found to be speeding, overloading, operating in violation of regulations, or passengers carrying prohibited items, they should intervene and stop them. This is to protect the rights and interests of themselves and others. If the restraint is ineffective, you can ask to transfer or you should be mentally prepared to escape.




6. In case of fire or accident, evacuate immediately.

During the journey, once a fire breaks out in the bus, the door should be opened immediately and the people should be evacuated quickly. The direction is evacuated, and we must not sit still. When the vehicle is severely hit or overturned, especially if the mailbox is damaged, you should stay away from the scene immediately, and do not miss the opportunity to escape by looking for money.

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