self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is a type of respiratory protective equipment that provides a continuous supply of clean, breathable air to the user. SCBA prevents users from toxia gases, toxia particles and vapor, less than 17% oxygen environment, smoke caused by fire and other harsh work envirment. Its primary application lies within the realm of firefighting, where it is instrumental in combating the relentless fury of flames. In addition to its vital role in fire emergencies, self contained breathing respirator find extensive use in petroleum and petrochemical facilities, ensuring the safety of workers operating amidst hazardous conditions. 

A self-contained breathing apparatus often used by Marine Ship, offers a lifeline in situations where breathable air becomes scarce or contaminated. The SCBA respirator consists of three main components: the facepiece, the harness, and the air supply cylinder. It is equipped with a transparent visor that allows for clear vision during critical operations. Attached to the facepiece is a series of straps forming the harness, securing the SCBA firmly around one's body to ensure comfort and mobility even under extreme conditions. The most crucial component, however, lies within the pressurized air supply cylinder connected to the backside of this apparatus - it houses compressed breathable air sufficient enough for an extended period underground or amidst toxic fumes. With its advanced filtration system and integrated pressure gauge indicating remaining air levels at all times, it provides confidence and reassurance to those who venture into dangerous scenarios.

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